What is Tech Pro Research?

Tech Pro Research, a joint venture from TechRepublic and ZDNet, offers you the fastest and smartest way to solve the toughest problems in IT today. From the top writers in the tech industry, we bring you:

  • A rich selection of content from industry surveys to exclusive articles on the topics that matter now
  • Ready made policies and templates that can be downloaded and customized in minutes
  • Exclusive monthly eBooks containing the best content from ZDNet and TechRepublic
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A rich selection of tech content

No one covers the IT industry as comprehensively as Tech Pro Research. From Enterprise Software to Security, our articles, templates, eBooks and whitepapers cover the broad range of IT industry topics. With hundreds of articles from today's top tech industry writers, you'll always find the most up to date content.

Windows Update for Business: A hands-on look at how to take control

If you're trying to figure out how Microsoft is delivering Windows 10 updates, this walk-through will get you up to speed.

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Industry cloud research report 2016: Adoption Plans, Decision Factors, Strategic Results

Most enterprise cloud use is for generic purposes like storing excess data and moving application development and testing activities to cloud-based...

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Ready-made policy templates

Tech Pro Research has an extensive library of ready-made IT policies and templates waiting to be downloaded and customized. Within minutes, you can download any one of the over 100 available templates. Best of all, the entire library of time saving policies and tools are available with a paid TPR subscription.

Cloud computing policy

This policy provides guidelines for secure and effective cloud computing operations to ensure the integrity and privacy of company-owned information...

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Telecommuting policy

As more and more employees request the opportunity to perform some or all of their work from a remote location, the need has grown for organizations to...

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Our exclusive monthly ebooks

With the IT industry changing every day, it's hard to keep up with the most current trends. Our exclusive monthly eBooks take the best content from TechRepublic, ZDNet, and Tech Pro Research and consolidate it all in one place so you have quick access to the topics that matter now. These exclusive downloads are only available to our paid subscribers.

Cybersecurity spotlight: The ransomware battle

Ransomware is an escalating, increasingly sophisticated threat—and no one seems to be immune. This ebook looks at how the malware works, who it's affecting, steps to avoid it, and what to do if...

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Windows 10 spotlight: Prepare, repair, and recover

This ebook outlines the steps that will help power users, support techs, and net admins safeguard against and recover from problems and system failures with Windows 10. It covers these topics: ...

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Tech Pro Research brings you the IT industry's top writers, such as:

Ed Bott is an award-winning technology writer with more than two decades' experience writing for mainstream media outlets and online publications. He has served as editor of the U.S. edition of PC Computing and managing editor of PC World; both publications had monthly paid circulation in excess of 1 million during his tenure. He is the author of more than 25 books on Microsoft Windows and Office, including Windows 7 Inside Out (2009) and Office 2013 Inside Out (2013).

Mary E. Shacklett is president of Transworld Data, a technology research and market development firm. Prior to founding the company, Mary was Senior Vice President of Marketing and Technology at TCCU, Inc., a financial services firm; Vice President of Product Research and Software Development for Summit Information Systems, a computer software company; and Vice President of Strategic Planning and Technology at FSI International, a multinational manufacturing company in the semiconductor industry. Mary is a keynote speaker and has more than 1,000 articles, research studies, and technology publications in print.