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Web Servers: Applications and Vulnerabilities

Originally Published:
Mar 2002

In TechRepublic's Web Servers: Applications and Vulnerabilities, you'll find data provided by TechRepublic's members revealing how they deploy Web servers, scan for and respond to security threats, perform planning and testing to ensure Web server reliability, and maintain an acceptable level of Web server performance. You'll also learn about trends in Web server platform migration, see how your organization stacks up in terms of IT staff assigned to Web management, and consider other important issues affecting you and your company today and in the future.

Whether your company is already grappling with these issues or you're just beginning to develop a Web presence, this report from TechRepublic's research professionals will help you understand important Webhosting trends and see how others in the IT community are responding to the issues that arise from continued Web site attacks and the need to maintain and improve Web server performance.

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