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Telephone interview cheat sheet: Voice engineer

Originally Published:
Dec 2018

Voice engineers are responsible for installing, operating, and managing voice communication systems—a critically important role for any business. This cheat sheet provides a section of general questions, followed by job-specific questions aimed at determining candidates’ experience, skills, and suitability for the voice engineer position. We've included sample answers, which you can replace with your own information.

From the cheat sheet:

Which network switching technologies are your familiar with?
The candidate has Cisco CCNA certification and has experience working with Cisco and Dell network switches.

Describe how you would resolve a situation in which an ISP blamed the local network for voice issues you believed might be due to a provider problem.
The candidate provided as an example a case in which a malfunctioning data circuit contributed to voice quality issues. The telecom provider was initially reluctant to open a service ticket to address the issue, saying there were no active alarms on its network. But the candidate collected traceroute logs showing packet loss, sent that information to the provider, and based on that data the provider opened a ticket and determined a routing card was failing at a central office in a rural area.

Which telephone and network troubleshooting tools have you previously used?
The candidate regularly uses both the Windows and Linux command lines to perform basic IP testing. He also uses Cisco diagnostic software and Fluke Networks hardware to isolate issues and diagnose the cause of errors. He regularly uses Wireshark to perform packet analysis, as well.

How do you work to maintain your telephone skills?
The candidate keeps current with voice and network technologies and solutions by attending vendor webinars, completing online training courses, and reviewing industry trade publications. He is interested in attending industry events at which new products and technologies are released or promoted, but his current employer doesn’t offer or support such opportunities.

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