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System Monitoring Policy

Originally Published:
Apr 2013

It is essential that an organization's critical computer/networking systems and services are properly monitored so that staff can be made aware of and respond to problems and trends. This System Monitoring Policy describes the goals and procedures involved with effective system monitoring. It defines what systems and services to monitor, how these will be monitored and how support staff will be notified of problems that require attention.

Any system or service which is essential for company operations should be monitored. This scope typically entails production systems, such as web/email/file/database servers as well as the network infrastructure providing access to and from the company via the internet or private network links. However, the scope can also include external systems such as a website hosted on another provider or that provider's router.

To use this policy, simply copy the text from the zipped PDF into your favorite word processor and customize it to fit your needs.

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