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Software automation policy guidelines

Originally Published:
Apr 2016

Software automation policies are system-defined, or administrator-defined, sets of rules that govern the execution of automated actions. Examples of automated actions include running a report using the parameters that were obtained from the policy, sending an alert to the administrator, and executing a command or running a task on managed computers. The tasks that IT automates in IT infrastructure might involve internal IT resource management tasks such as automating the determination of where data is stored in a data storage hierarchy; or it might involve automating certain businesses processes, such as using automated software to score a loan for credit-worthiness doing the loan underwriting process.

In all processes that involve automation software, there is a complex set of both business decision rules and technical settings and rules that must be orchestrated in the software in order to meet a specific business or IT objective. Most commercial computer vendors understand this. This is why a majority of vendors now sell software that comes with recommended presets for automation, but that also allow you to override these presets with your own settings so the software can be tailored to your specific business and IT needs.

During the course of software automation for business and IT processes, the specific automation process should be thoroughly tested to ensure that it works correctly and consistently whenever it is called into action; that it meets the business or IT needs it was designed for; that it conforms with corporate governance, compliance and security standards; and that it has the requisite logging and reporting mechanisms that track all of its activities.

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