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Resource and Data Recovery Policy

Originally Published:
Apr 2014

Employees, data and resources are three of the biggest assets in any given organization. With concepts such as mobility and cloud access becoming nearly ubiquitous, the ability of company staff to protect and recover data and/or resources (“resources” being defined herein as “a company data repository such as a wiki or help desk knowledgebase”) spread out across disparate environments is especially vital for continued success.

Even if company information is kept solely in-house, all employees should be familiar with the processes for recovering information if it becomes lost, inaccessible or compromised. Companies that do use cloud services should be aware of proper guidelines to follow if an agreement with an outside vendor providing access to data is being canceled.

Download Tech Pro Research's Resource and Data Recovery Policy to use as a template or a standalone policy to provide guidelines for the recovery of data from company-owned or company purchased resources, equipment and/or services.

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