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Research: The impact of tablets in the workplace

Originally Published:
Feb 2014

The workforce and the technology it relies upon are rapidly evolving to meet new trends and demands both in and out of the office. Always-on connectivity and instant access to information have made employees more committed and productive since their toolsets are growing ever more specialized. An office is now more than just four walls and a ceiling; it can be a dining room table, park bench or even a beach, depending on an employee’s location, schedule and available equipment or services. More employees are using tablets at the office as their jobs become more mobile.

Tech Pro Research conducted an online survey to explore how and which tablets are being used in the enterprise, what strengths and/or weaknesses they entail and how they may impact traditional computer use/purchasing. This survey attracted 203 respondents from many parts of the world across a diverse array of business sectors.

Read the results of the survey in Research: The impact of tablets in the workplace.

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