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Research: IT leaders reveal misses, current trends and future of enterprise software

Find out what IT leaders say about Enterprise Application Software (EAS) in our Research: IT leaders reveal misses, current trends and future of enterprise software report.

We ran an online survey in April 2013 to find out more about enterprise software, how it is used, and how it is perceived. This survey sought input from current and prospective EAS customers to find out who is using these products, who has decided against them, and to delve into the reasoning behind these decisions.

Respondents told us which vendors and components they valued, how satisfied they were with their implementations, and where the concept went wrong. The report details how cloud computing, big data, social media and mobility factor into the enterprise software realm to gauge the impact of these surging trends. Our results offer you a deeper understanding of this critical company backbone and how it produces results.

Find out more about the overall outlook for enterprise software. Topics in this report include:

  • Current trends and future of enterprise software
  • Which companies use enterprise software
  • How organization size affects usage
  • Reasons for not using enterprise software
  • Who is satisfied/dissatisfied with their software package
  • Which vendors are being used/considered
  • Top business functions for enterprise software
  • Enterprise software options IT leaders prefer

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Apr 2013
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Enterprise Software

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