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Portable storage policy

Originally Published:
Aug 2015

Portable storage media, which includes USB flash drives, SD or micro-SD cards (and the devices which contain them) or external hard drive units, can allow employees to access or back up business data both inside and outside the office. However, the ease of use presented by portable storage devices can also place companies at significant risk of lost or stolen data.Moreover, malware can infect portable storage media which can then be inadvertently or purposely introduced inside an organization’s networks, jeopardizing business operations.

External individuals such as hackers, virus writers or ransomware peddlers are often seen as the biggest threat to organizations. However, industry statistics consistently indicate that insiders pose a larger danger. It makes sense when you consider the damage that a single disgruntled employee (or an employee unaware of good security practices) could cause to a company, based on access privileges outsiders don’t possess. Allowing employees to access data to do their jobs constitutes a double-edged sword. Permitting organizational staff to install and use external hard disks, flash drives and even personal media players makes the task of stealing corporate information that much easier.

Make sure your company has its own Portable Storage Policy. Use Tech Pro Research's template as is, or download and modify as needed for your organization.

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