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New client audit checklist

Originally Published:
Sep 2016

This checklist provides a method for auditing and documenting a client site and assembling an inventory of systems and software, as well as giving you a framework for developing recommendations, applying costs to them, and storing all that information in one file.

Tracking client contact details, circuit information, network equipment, cloud services, software applications, telephony systems, workstations, servers, security and access control platforms, and extraneous notes is a complex process susceptible to error. Simple but important details and configurations are easily overlooked when you first meet a client and review their technology infrastructure. Documenting a site, determining and logging technology weaknesses and vulnerabilities that require attention, and tracking which recommendations have been provided to clients (in writing, no less) are difficult tasks.

The download includes the checklist as a Word document and as a PDF. You can edit it to meet any special needs your clients or office may have. Further, sample notes are included in the Workstation, Notes, and Recommendations sections to illustrate how to complete the various description and recommendation fields. Just cut-and-paste the table entries to accommodate however many locations and systems your client has.

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