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Mobile device computing policy

Originally Published:
Feb 2016

Mobile devices are a way of life, in both the consumer and business realms – and business interests must be protected where the two converge. The “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) concept, whereby employees are permitted to use their own mobile devices to perform company business, is in use by a majority of organizations now. These companies have seen the benefits of cost savings, flexibility, and ease of use which BYOD provides. Mobility in business terms means being able to get the job done or stay connected regardless of location, device or time of day.

However, the convenience of mobile computing also has a price tag in the form of added security management and the necessity of allowing IT control over devices so as to ensure the business, its personnel and its data remain protected. These details can be complicated – and the costs incalculable if they are not properly adhered to.

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the safe and productive use of mobile devices (including, but not limited to laptop computers, tablets and smart phones) by employees. It includes requirements for users and requirements for IT departments responsible for supporting and administering mobile devices. Download this Mobile Computing Policy and use as is, or modify as needed for your organization.

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