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Mobile Computing Tips and Tricks

Originally Published:
Jan 2011

Mobile computing has become a viable way for employees to connect to work remotely. This trend has created new challenges and tasks for IT departments, such as drafting mobile policies, deploying smartphones, securing mobile data, and supporting employee-owned devices.

Our Mobile Computing Tips and Tricks ebook features expert advice on how to get the most functionality out of the smartphone, how to support and secure these devices, and even how to get started with mobile development.

Whether you're seeking to maximize Remote Assistance, configure client- and server-side VPN connections or troubleshoot Smartphone problems, you'll find all you need to:

  • Use your Windows Mobile smartphone as a Wi-Fi access point
  • Tether your laptop with the Droid Incredible
  • Repair a cracked iPhone digitizer
  • Save battery life on an Android phone
  • Manage servers and other systems from the iPhone
  • Know the basics of 4G networks before jumping on the bandwagon
  • Secure wireless connections
  • And much more
Mobile workers and portable devices present unique support challenges. Tap the field-tested knowledge and proven tools collected in our Mobile Computing Tips and Tricks ebook to ensure remote workers remain productive.

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