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Mobile app development policy

Originally Published:
Mar 2016

There are literally millions of mobile applications available for download and this figure is only going to climb higher. Business and consumer needs continue to expand, and so are the capabilities and advantages mobile devices provide their users. Unfortunately, the same growth can be found in malware and its adverse impacts. As mobile apps gain steam so do the opportunities for wreaking havoc through these apps, whether through deliberate malicious intent or inadvertent mistakes which can place users at risk.

There is often a rush to market to produce mobile apps to meet specific needs and during this rush critical matters can be overlooked; software vulnerabilities within the app may be exploited to steal data, control a device or produce other unexpected or unwanted results.

Privacy concerns are significant as well. Making sure that confidential or secured information ends up in the hands of only those individuals authorized to access it can be a challenge when building and maintaining apps, but it’s one that software manufacturers and vendors must rise to.

Use Tech Pro Research’s mobile app development policy to set guidelines for your organization. The policy can be downloaded and used as is, or modified as needed.

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