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Machine automation policy guidelines

Originally Published:
Mar 2016

Machine automation is widely used across diverse industry sectors because it is cost-effective and risk reducing. Its applications include but are not limited to: CNC machines in manufacturing and fabrication, industrial robots that pick, pack, load and transport goods in warehouses, unmanned drones that deliver shipments to customers, automated machines that aid in the life sciences and in pharmaceutical development, and telesurgery. Machine automation performs vital and sometimes lifesaving functions, but it cannot succeed without rigorous policy guidelines that ensure safe, compliant, uninterrupted and proper use.

that is ultimately connected to either internal or external communications networks, keeping the physical machine and its operating software updated and in compliance and ensuring that the automation is functioning in an environment that is protected from hacking, malware and/or other network interruptions, is paramount. So,too, is ensuring that only staff with proper security authorization and training are operating the equipment. There are also insurance and legal liability issues that have to be taken into account when machine automation policies are developed.

Tech Pro Research’s machine automation policy guidelines provide a checklist of what companies should consider when developing their own machine automation policies.

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