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Job description: Platform developer

Originally Published:
Apr 2016

A platform developer, someone intimately familiar with specific operating systems and hardware components, works on a company’s core platform to create and optimize all the various functions needed to establish a strong computer infrastructure. The platform developer needs to be a big picture thinker and always keeping in mind why they’re building something and who they are building it for. They must be able to think out of the box and develop creative solutions.

Depending on the company, a platform developer could work in the mobile area, with a strong understanding of Android and iOS systems. Or they could work with operating systems such as OS X or Microsoft. Knowledge of platforms such as Java and AngularJS is essential. Find out all of the skills needed for this job, and use Tech Pro Research’s ready-made platform developer job description if you’re ready to hire this role within your company.

Download Tech Pro Research's job description and use as is, or modify as needed for your organization. Don't miss the companion document that lists suggested interview questions for platform developers.

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