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Internet and Mobile Phone Reimbursement Policy

Due to the rise of to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement, the lines have blurred between company and personal owned devices; business work is now routinely performed on each. Examples include an iPhone set up to receive company email so employees can keep up-to-date on their inbox while away from their desk or a home internet connection used for remote access to the office over a VPN (virtual private network).

The business benefits from an arrangement such as this since employees are able to tend to the needs of the company and employees have an advantage as well since this gives them more flexibility to do their jobs. Therefore, it is appropriate and fair to establish a sound and clear policy for the reimbursement of personal internet and/or mobile phone plans for employees who rely upon these services to conduct their jobs.

Use Tech Pro Research's Internet and Mobile Phone Reimbursement Policy as is, or as a template to design the appropriate policy for your organization's needs.

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Aug 2014
Scott Matteson
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