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Internet and Email usage policy

Originally Published:
Nov 2015

Engaging in internet access and electronic communications is often a core job duty for employees across all aspects of the business. It’s rare indeed to find any organization today in which employees don’t rely on web access and email services, whether for internal or external use. These services enable businesses to function through the exchange and use of information, which is the cornerstone of modern commerce.

The purpose of this Tech Pro Research policy is to set guidelines and recommendations for the appropriate use of internet services and electronic communications. It includes information on how users should handle web access, confidential/copyrighted information, Email, social media, streaming media, instant messaging, Internet of Things (IoT)/Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) procedures, and software installations/updates. In short, it is intended to cover all applications and/or methodologies which employees will use to interact with the outside world.

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