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Corporate gaming policy

Originally Published:
Aug 2017

Video games can benefit companies by giving employees a recreational outlet to build cooperation and morale. But they can also create problems if misused. This policy will help you establish the ground rules for permitting or prohibiting the use of company systems and networks for video gaming purposes.

From the policy:

Where gaming is allowed
Video gaming is permitted by the company but is to be conducted only on organization-approved computers or devices during timeframes that are specifically permitted in advance (lunch time, break time, company socials, after business hours, or whatever other criteria may apply).

Gaming should never interfere with business applications/networks nor consume unnecessary bandwidth and/or storage.

Games should be approved for use in advance by the IT/HR departments as well as respective managers.

No pirated games or “cracks” to unlock functions in legitimate games are permitted. These constitute a possible copyright violation and/or malware risk.

Anti-malware programs that are updated regularly must be in use on any systems used for company gaming.

Employees should use good taste and professionalism in gaming endeavors. Games that feature graphic violence or sexual innuendo should be avoided, at the very least in public venues. For example, first person shooters or games that display nudity should be utilized only in appropriate private settings and only when the game has been approved for use.

Excessive use of gaming is prohibited and runs the risk of overturning these allowed usage components of the policy.

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