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Lunch and learn presentation: Get up to speed on Windows 8.1

This prepackaged solution is designed to familiarize users and support staff with Windows 8.1 basics. It includes a handy PDF guide and a presentation that's tailor made for a lunch and learn session.

Windows 8.1 represents a dramatic change from earlier versions of Windows, leaving many users confused about how to perform even simple tasks. This guide and presentation will help them become comfortable with the Windows 8.1 environment. The recent Update 1 interface changes are also highlighted. Topics include:

  • What's new in Windows 8.1
  • What's changed in Update 1
  • Navigating the Modern interface and desktop
  • Customizing the Start screen and working with apps
  • Accessing PC settings
  • Using various features, including Search, Reading List, Workplace Join, and BitLocker encryption
  • Internet Explorer 11 enhancements
  • Tips and keyboard shortcuts

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Mar 2014
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