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Get Up To Speed: Linux

If you are asked what an operating system is, you may not know the answer. If you are asked what Windows is (in reference to your computer) you probably have an idea. But what about Linux?

Linux, like Microsoft Windows, is an operating system. Unlike MS Windows, Linux is free. It was created by Linus Torvalds back in 1991 as a school project so he could run the popular MINIX operating system on the hardware he had. Now, over fifteen years later, the Linux operating system is deeply embedded in nearly every aspect of the computing world. From servers (did you know most of is run on Linux), to desktops, to handheld devices, Linux is everywhere.

And so you are hear to get a glimpse of what the Linux operating system is all about.

This Crash Course presentation will help your staff become familiar with the open source operating system Linux

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Jun 2008
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