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Encryption Policy

Encryption is a procedure used to convert data from its original form to a format that is unreadable and/or unusable to anyone without the tools/information needed to reverse the encryption process. An organization is in some cases only as secure as its data. To keep messages and other documents secure an organization may use encryption to prevent third parties from viewing or accessing data.

Tech Pro Research's Encryption Policy will provide guidance on limiting the use of encryption to those algorithms that have been proven to work effectively. This policy applies to all sensitive and confidential data generated, accessed, transmitted or stored on company mobile computing devices. Other information may be encrypted at the discretion of the data owner who is responsible for the information.

Tech Pro Research's Encryption Policy will help you establish guidelines for your workplace. Simply copy the text from the zipped PDF into your favorite word processor and customize it to fit your needs.

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Sep 2013
Tech Pro Research
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