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Employee termination policy

Originally Published:
Oct 2015

Whether due to resignation, layoff or firing, separating employees from the business is never a pleasant process — nor is it often easy. Because many staff members have access to confidential data or company assets, it is critical to utilize a series of detailed and comprehensive steps to complete employee terminations and streamline the experience as much as possible.

The purpose of Tech Pro Research's Employee Termination Policy is to provide termination guidelines including the process of disabling former employee access, reclaiming company equipment and finalizing payroll/benefits details. It includes a checklist which should be filled out by various individuals/departments and can be printed or used in electronic format shared between appropriate personnel. This policy can be customized accordingly to match your company’s environment and principles. All elements of the checklist should be considered “if applicable” and removed/altered as necessary. Use this list as-is or customize it to meet your needs.

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