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Electronic Data Disposal Policy

Originally Published:
Mar 2014

Electronic data is likely to be more prevalent in today’s organizations than physical printed data. Reams worth of documents can now be stored on computer hard drives, handheld devices and storage cards smaller than a fingernail. The bulk of many strategic operations depend on this digital information and the safe handling thereof.

Data often has a longer lifespan than the devices on which it is stored (or the time these devices spend in an employee’s possession). A critical security risk can occur if confidential information is not properly removed from these systems before reassignment or disposal. Therefore, it is necessary to establish proper guidelines for electronic datadisposal when devices are retired from use or reassigned to other employees.

Tech Pro Research's Electronic Data Disposal Policy will provide you with guidelines to use as is, or to be easily modified.

Download the Tech Pro Research Electronic Data Disposal Policy to use as a template to create a policy for your own organization.

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