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Desktop migration checklist

Originally Published:
Oct 2017

This update to our Desktop Migration Checklist provides a simple, systematic way to ensure that no important applications, files, or settings are overlooked when you roll out a new user computer.

From the download:

Each time a new client computer is deployed, recurring tasks must be performed. Migration tasks range from recording computer network settings to transferring documents, bookmarks, and old email. Depending upon the level of centralized automation and third-party tools employed, the process can take anywhere from minutes to hours. Even when leveraging system images and group policy administration to speed deployments, important details can easily be overlooked, especially when migrating potentially noncompliant executive computers, legacy systems, and desktops that may never have previously joined a domain. This checklist is designed to prevent any oversights. Here’s how it works.

Using the checklist
Check off each recorded item as you go to track progress and find your place should the deployment be interrupted—a common occurrence in modern offices.

Begin by recording the new computer’s make, model, and serial number. If you complete the checklist electronically using a tablet or laptop, you can save a copy. The checklist serves as handy documentation for later reference.

Next, record the specific user and network information. The checklist includes R (for Recorded) and C (for Completed) designations within the Status column. This will enable you to record any specific information and, in the case of the network settings, apply them to the new machine. Simply circle or cross out the R and C abbreviations for each item as you go.

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