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Cost comparison calculator: G Suite vs. Office 365

Originally Published:
Jan 2019

G Suite and Office 365 are the leading contenders in the arena of online productivity suites. This calculator tool and pricing breakdown will help you determine how the various plans measure up in cost.

We’ve come a long way from the days of visiting user workstations to install software using a pile of floppy disks. As a systems administrator I’d say we’re able to effectively work with both local and browser-based cloud applications. Some programs with high CPU/memory/video RAM requirements are always going to run better from your hard drive, but there is a whole slew of applications that run perfectly fine online – much better than local versions, in fact, since the user isn’t dependent on the system or the software installation involved.

One such example of an ideal online program is the productivity suite, which Wikipedia defines as “a collection of productivity programs intended to be used by knowledge workers. The components are generally distributed together, have a consistent user interface and usually can interact with each other.” These tools involve word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email capability, collaborative tools, and conferencing functions – and can serve as the lifeblood for an organization. Productivity suites provide a standard interface for users and are managed by the hosting providers, so you don’t need a local IT department to handle support or updates, nor do you have to worry about different versions of software on different company computers.

This calculator will help you estimate the relative costs of provisioning your users with G suite vs. Office 365.

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