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Cloud migration decision tool

Originally Published:
Dec 2017

Many IT and business leaders are weighing the pros and cons of moving applications to the cloud. A number of key factors play into the decision, such as an application’s scalability, security and compliance concerns, and manageability. This simple tool is designed to help you assess the importance of each factor to determine which applications might be good candidates for the cloud—and which should be kept on premise.

About this tool:

The Cloud migration decision tool is best used on an application-by-application basis.

Use the dropdown menu in each cell in the Weights row (gold color) to assign a value to each decision factor located in the top row. Choose 1 for the least important factor and 7 for the most important.

In the Move To Cloud and Stay On Premise rows (peach color), enter a value reflecting how well the options satisfy each decision factor—from 1 (least) to 3 (most) for each option.

The tool will multiply the value you assigned for each decision factor by the weight you selected from the dropdown menu. The total score for each choice will appear in the farthest column to the right. The highest score calculated by the tool will be highlighted in green.

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