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BYOD approval form

Originally Published:
Mar 2017

The BYOD Approval form will help you identify employee needs and approve access before any personal device is permitted to contain company data or is connected to company resources, systems, or networks. The user's manager and the IT director must authorize a personally owned device for use within the organization.

This form complements our BYOD Policy and enables companies to ensure that users understand the risks that drive the need for such guidelines. In particular, users should be aware that whenever a computer device is connected to the organization’s network, systems, or computers, opportunities exist for:

  • Introducing viruses, spyware, or other malware.
  • Purposefully or inadvertently copying sensitive and/or proprietary organization information to unauthorized devices.
  • Loss of data that may adversely affect the organization if it falls into the wrong hands.
As a result of any of these circumstances, a user connecting their own device to organization resources, systems, or networks could interrupt business operations, cause unplanned downtime for multiple users, and/ or cause a data breach releasing organization, client, and/or partner data to unauthorized parties. In worst-case scenarios (and in events entirely realized at other organizations), civil and criminal penalties for the user and/or substantial costs and expenses to the organization could arise.

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