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70+ Keyboard shortcuts to move faster in Apple Mac OS X

Originally Published:
Oct 2005

This list provides more than 70 keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster in Mac OS X.

This handy, three-page table lists more than 70 keyboard shortcuts and their corresponding functions for Apple Mac OS X. Download and print this time-saving document and post it near your keyboard for at-a-glance help when you need to navigate applications, create a new folder, empty the Trash, duplicate items, shut down, and more.

The following is a small sample of the shorcuts this list contains:

Command + ?Open Mac Help
Command + HHide the active application
Command + IGet info on the selected item
Command + MMinimized the active window
Control + F1Activate Full Keyboard Access
Command + Shift + DeleteEmpty Trash
Command + Option + DShow/Hide the Dock
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