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As green becomes the standard energy utilization strategy, it’s critical to get a handle on how much electricity your computers are using. Learn how to get started using Tech Pro Research’s workstation power consumption calculator.

Years ago, a debate raged over whether it was better for a computer to be shut off when not in use or left on continuously. One side of the argument stated that shutting down the computer helped preserve the components,and the flip side claimed that frequent boot-ups placed more stress on the innards of a system, reducing its lifespan.

Download the Tech Pro Research workstation power consumption toolkit.

Use the Tech Pro Research toolkit to analyze how much power the workstations in your organization are using. There are several factors that can affect workstation power usage. For instance, in determining how much energy a given computer draws, it’s more important to factor in the components rather than the model.

The Tech Pro Research toolkit includes a pdf document to explain how to use the toolkit, and an Excel spreadsheet that serves as a calculator with more than 500 individual workstation components included to help determine power usage. It allows you to rack power use/cost per component, as well as for the system overall:

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Make your company more green by keeping track of energy usage for workstations and determining energy costs per workstation.