The growing popularity of Software Defined Networking (SDN) means that IT is paying more attention to network bandwidth use, as SDN allows engineers to administer traffic via a comprehensive centralized strategy, rather than one based on individual hardware such as switches or routers.

Companies must establish their bandwidth needs in order to properly administer and upgrade their networking environments.

Finding out how much bandwidth your office will need means calculating a number of factors. Learn how to get started by downloading Tech Pro Research’s Bandwidth Calculator. This calculator will help determine how much internet traffic your company needs now and in the future, whether you plan to fully embrace SDN or just want to understand traffic patterns.

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For instance, a public-facing data center will have vastly different requirements depending on outside users, file sizes, connection speeds, length of time, etc. Similarly, the amount of bandwidth needed for internal system access does not factor into the calculations.

This tool will help you to judge the amount of bandwidth your company needs to stay ahead of the curve – or the policies you need to enact to reduce unnecessary traffic and preserve your existing connection.

Download Tech Pro Research's Bandwidth Calculator now.